Studio One sound present Late Night Blue!

Studio One syndicate in conjunction with Porkies … Presents the LATE NIGHT BLUES! house party.. Part 7.. To be held at the cosy & intimate PORKIES wine bar.. Streatham Hill, Sternhold, Ave, Saturday July 18th.. Dj’s hired for this blues dance experience and stamina to last the course in a dance .. Studio One, Hyper Esq, American Express, Mistri and Chairman, all dj’s exclusively booked

Soul Singers Or Not!

Ed Sharon, You know his tune by now, Simply Red, Holding Back The Years  Cellne Dion I’m Alive                                                                                       Even though we love those songs and when played in some clubs on certain nights the crowd go crazy                                                                                   But when you get the so call music papers saying Ed is the new soul sensation! Are they for real!  


June 5th, 2015

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Crazy Thursday To Night

Porky’s tonight Crazy Thursday, from 10pm till 2am cheap drinks till midnight, free admission till 11:30…. no baseball caps or trainers


June 4th, 2015

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